Profile 〜English〜

We’re the dance & Vocal group from Osaka as “KATAYABURI”rock’n girls.

From early in their childhoods they became intimately acquainted with the dance at Happy Time Dance School.
OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO was formed in 2012.
That mean :they want to tell to many people about the four seasons are beautiful 
With their songs and dancing. 
The their made its major debut in 2017 with its song ” Travelin’Travelin’”
Moreover they released 2 singles and 1 Album.
Their sound producer is Masasucks.
He is the guitarist of FULLSCRATCH, the HIATUS, RADIOTS and LUNA SEA(J support)
And “Sono te(demo ver.)”released on March 21.
The song was written by member of OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO.

In addition, they will release “NO-LIMIT”on Aipril 14.
The song is opening theme of FAIRY TAIL!!